Brand story

Cashmere is the centerpiece of the GOYO brand. It is a beautiful natural fiber, soft, warm and resilient. To survive long and harsh winters on high plateaus of Mongolia, goats grow delicate fleece (cashmere) underneath their hair. Longer and colder the winter, the better and longer cashmere grows. In spring, animals struggle to shed the fleece and herders help them by carefully combing the cashmere off. This is a hard work always done by hand. Goats display visual signs of content and pleasure as cashmere is combed off them and that’s why Mongolians call cashmere “happy” fiber. A goat produces barely a third of the cashmere needed to knit just one pullover and, thus, the rarity and preciousness of this fiber known also as “soft gold”.

GOYO brand strives to showcase to the world the Mongolians’ happy and natural way of life. We live in nature and with the nature.

The word “GOYO” in Mongolian means “an object of beauty”, something that you beautify yourself with. And it is also a name of a resilient tree in the Gobi desert of Mongolia. In spring this tree bursts into colors with wonderful flowers. Locals find different uses for the tree – they even brew some strong liquor from its juices. We believe that both cashmere and GOYO reflect Mongolia with its beautiful nature and strong, resilient people.

In our designs we strive to combine the spirit of this luxurious fiber with the unexplored opportunities for cashmere to be at the cutting edge of fashion design and style. Our products are beautiful and useful, and they will live in your closets for years to come.

Our customers are people who appreciate true luxury, comfort and style. People who want to know where the products come from and who made them. People who care for others and care for nature. People who want to stay warm and carry on.


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