Goyo Brand

The centerepiece of GOYO brand is 100% pure Mongolian cashmere which transmits softness, warmth and resilience. Using this precious natural fiber, we then spin various counts of yarns to create fashionable knitwear for men, women and children as well as woven home furnishings for luxurious feeling and styling. Our Goyo brand is distributed not only in Mongolia but also represented in metropolitan cities such as Paris, London, Berlin, New York, Milan, Seoul, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

Our mission is “Beautify the world with Mongolian Cashmere” – by not onlywith enhancing enhanced our technology, innovation, and creativity. We are proud that Goyo brand symbolizes the center of the cashmere road from Mongolia to the world by using the logo with the image of “Silver tree” which was used as the city symbol of Kharkhorum, the capital of Mongolian Empire during 13th century and the center of the silk road of that time. Hence, symbolizing the global trade center of cashmere products using high-quality raw material found only in Mongolia, Goyo brand represents the cultural yet by combining it to our heritage of Mongolian cold climate clothing styles as well as customizing our product styles for culture and taste of customers in each country we sell our products in. Moreover, we introduce identity as well asthe Mongolian nomadic “Zero-waste lifestyle” which are advantages of 100% pure cashmere, very natural, free of toxic chemicals, high-quality OEKO TEX 100 certified yarn, sustainable raw material, and reliable production capacity back in Mongolia.

Mongolia has longer and colder winter

Cashmere is one of the finest natural fiber in the world. The best quality of cashmere comes from goats in Mongolia, collected gently per hand by our traditional nomadic herders.
To survive the harsh winters on high plateaus of Mongolia, goats grow delicate strong fleece underneath their hair. The longer and colder the winter, the better and longer cashmere grows. The high-quality fiber is collected very carefully every spring by Mongolian nomadic herders from the goats. Collecting the undercoat which is naturally shed and through hand combing the fiber, it is the most sustainable way of harvesting raw cashmere. 

In our designs we strive to combine the spirit of this luxurious quality fiber with the unexplored opportunity for cashmere to be at the cutting edge of fashion design and style. Our products will live in your closets for years to come.

Goyo cashmere respects fair trade and such we clear out the unnecessary intermediaries of the manufacturing process. By doing this we uphold the fair price for our herders. When purchasing Goyo cashmere you are not only buying a high quality product, but you will also support the local Mongolian herders and the environment.


Meaning of Goyo

The word “GOYO” means an “object of beauty” in Mongolian and it is an item that you beautify yourself with. It is also a name of a resilient juicy tree that grows in the dry soil of Gobi-desert. Because of its ability to survive the harsh climate of the desert as well as its importance in the desert`s ecological regulation survival it is also known as the “Magical Plant” that balances the Gobi eco-system.

We strive to showcase the meaning of our brand`s name by producing luxurious, fashionable designs and by being aware of the environmental sustainability during our production processes.